Domaine du Lac Libby


The Domaine du Lac Libby Campground has been in operation for more than 40 years. The fourth family to manage the site since its opening, Manon and Rénald Raymond along with their son Miguel and members of their team have positioned this four-star family campground among the very best.

Right from the start, the Raymond family invested a lot of money to bring this wonderful campground up to date. Each year, they make improvements to the various facilities. These past few years, among other things, they have completely rebuilt the waste water station and the water purification plants to protect the environment and the lake. They have remodelled the landscape around the snack bar and upgraded several sites to offer three services (water/electricity/sewer) instead of two.

Charmed by the splendor and magnificence of the environment including 300 camping sites, the Raymond family’s commitment was to maintain the natural environment and preserve the beauty of these surroundings. They have pampered the park to offer visitors a natural environment where each and every one of its sites is of the utmost cleanliness and all the individual or public sanitary facilities are sparkling clean.

Wishing to offer a true haven of peace to occasional visitors and seasonal residents alike, the owners are focusing on respect of regulations and are applying strict safety rules.

They have achieved their objective with flying colours judging by comments received from seasonal residents and visitors speaking very highly of the site’s tranquillity. With its view on the lake, wooded area, sites of a good size and nearly all surrounded with cedar hedges for more privacy everything is in place to put behind the city’s hectic rhythm and just relax.

At the same time, the family campground offers various types of recreational facilities (amusement park, games, badminton and tennis courts, etc.), services for boat rental as well as a program featuring different activities to be enjoyed by all family members, at their own pace.

In short, the Domaine du Lac Libby Campground offers pure moments of joy in nature.


Season 2024


We take reservations all year long, either by phone (1-800-361-3765) or online.

Policy/Rules and Regulations

Of course, camping is looking up at the stars in the sky shining more brightly than in the city. It’s also the charm of these noises we had forgotten, such as birds singing, nature’s awakening, leaves rustling, fire cracking and rain drumming on tents or RVs metal roofs that quiet us down and become nice music to our ears!

Haven of peace for some, paradise for others, it can unfortunately turn to a nightmare if we forget one fundamental principle: respecting others, or if you wish, community life.

Managers of the Domaine du Lac Libby Campground are in no way headmasters. However, they have set clear rules to meet the needs of everyone and ensure the best quality of life possible. Above all, this approach is successful as long as people abide by these rules.

If management’s strict approach is essential, everyone’s cooperation is just as important to maintain this haven of peace.

Therefore, we invite you to read the policy/rules and regulations we have established according to the Domaine du Lac Libby’s philosophy before making a reservation to make sure they fit with your perception of modern camping.


426, 1er rang St-Étienne-de-
Bolton, Québec J0E 2E0
Telephone : 450 297-2221
Toll-free number : 1 800 361-3765

ENR. 200023 (Camping Québec)

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Please follow the following directions to get to the campground instead of following the Google suggestions that direct you to the 2nd Row (dead end).